Ayur Mobile
Our “Ayur-Mobil”

It is very important to us to be able to help poor people in India.

Together with your support we have therefore launched the following project:
Anju-India is financing a vehicle that is equipped with medical equipment and medicines. Ayurvedic doctors regularly drive to the poor rural regions of Nadiad (Gujarat) with this “Ayur-Mobile”. In this way, up to 50 patients are medically cared for daily (naturally free of charge).

Prof. Dr. S. N. Gupta
In cooperation with Prof. Dr. S. N. Gupta we are able to realize this project. He is a doctor and professor of Ayurveda medicine MD (Ayu) from Nadiad (India). Today he is head of department and professor at the Ayurvedic hospital and college in Nadiad, Gujarat. He successfully built up one of the most important pancakarma clinics in India, where patients from India and Europe get professional medical treatment. For more than 20 years Prof. Dr. S. N. Gupta is a tutor and chairman of the academic advisory board of the European Academy of Ayurveda.

Prof. Dr. S. N. Gupta’s philosophy of life:
Every individual should be happy.
The most important teaching of Ayurveda is contentedness.